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PSE Dream Season RDX 365 Crossbow


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Product Description

PSE has teamed with Drury Outdoors to deliver an elite crossbow experience like no other!

The Dream Season® RDX™ 365 is a precision weapon built on an independent machined aluminum barrel and composite stock that combine to create a perfectly-balanced, accurate shot. The field-serviceable RDX™ features a reverse-draw cam system, PSE X-Tech limbs, and a crisp trigger with a 3 lb. pull that fires a bolt at an amazing 365 fps. Make your dream season happen with the all-new PSE Dream Season® RDX™ 365 crossbow!

RDX™ package includes:
• String Stops
• 3X32 Scope with
illuminated reticles
• Anti-Dry Fire & Auto
Safety Trigger (3 lb. pull)
• 5 Bolt Quiver
• 3-20″ Charger™ Carbon Bolts
• 3- 85gr Bullet points
• Sling
• Cocking Rope
• Rail Lube
• Foot Stirrup


Power Stroke


Axle to Axle length


Overall Length w/Stirrup



365-355 fps with 400gr bolt

Kinetic Energy

118 ft. lbs.

Draw Weight

165 lbs.

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