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Carbon Express X-Force Advantex Ready-to-Hunt Kit

Carbon Express X-Force Advantex Ready-to-Hunt Kit

$247.94 $399.99

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Performance, Balance, and Accuracy

The X-Force® Advantex™ is durable enough for the toughest hunting environments. It’s easy to set up and adjustable enough to fit most hunting styles. The cast trigger box housing ensures a smooth shooting experience with a crisp, clean trigger pull. The cast metal riser keeps limb alignment precise so every shot is accurate.

Ready-to-Hunt Kit

The X-Force® Advantex™ is a calibrated, brand-matched shooting system. All the parts and accessories are specifically designed to improve accuracy and performance.

Technical Specifications

Model # 20280 Feet Per Second 315 fps Kinetic Energy 91 ft/lb
Draw Weight 165 lbs Power Stroke 13.5"
Weight 6.90 lbs Length 34"
Width 12.5" (cocked)
16.25" (uncocked)
Length of Pull 14.5"



  1. Better Balance The one-piece skeletal frame is made from lightweight composite material. The narrow 12.5-inch profile helps keep your aim steady when lining up a shot.
  2. Efficient Engineering Cast metal riser keeps precise limb alignment, making the Advantex™ consistently accurate. Compression molded limbs generate maximum power, shot after shot.
  3. Safety Anti-dry-fire technology prevents damage due to accidental misfires without a crossbolt. Ambidextrous safety is great for left-handed or right-handed hunters.
  4. Smooth Firing New cast trigger box housing with precision internal components ensures a clean, crisp trigger pull. Silentech™ coating dampens vibration and sound for a smooth shooting experience.
  5. Improved Accuracy Deluxe 4x32 scope with six reticle crosshairs provides pinpoint accuracy at varying distances. Water, fog and shock resistant.
  6. Accessory Ready The adjustable 11-inch Picatinny rail system has an adjustable forearm grip to adapt to different shooting styles.



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