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Carbon Express Covert CX-3SL+ Crossbow Ready-to-Hunt Kit

Carbon Express Covert CX-3SL+ Crossbow Ready-to-Hunt Kit

$378.72 $699.99

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Performance, Balance, and Accuracy

When hunting from a ground blind or treestand, the compact size of the Covert™ CX-3SL+ allows you to hunt quietly in tight places. The Covert™ CX-3SL+ is also perfect for stalking. Its narrow width and shorter length mean that you can move freely through the woods without hitting branches. And when you’re done, the compact Covert™CX-3SL+ is easier to transport and store between hunts. From the moment you shoulder it, you’ll have the absolute confidence to make your best shot.

Typically, the smaller the crossbow, the slower it shoots. And the more powerful the crossbow, the bigger and heavier it is. The new Covert™ CX-3SL+ changes that. A Slim Line front-end design and compact frame make the Covert™ narrower for ideal balance, shorter for a light feel, and deadly powerful. At just seven pounds, it has just the right amount of weight to aim steady and stalk without getting fatigued.

The Covert™ CX-3SL+ delivers bolts at 119 ft/lb and 355 feet per second and drops targets with the speed and power you’ve never experienced in a compact bow. It is also designed for precise accuracy and features a no-creep trigger and performance CNC-machined trigger box housing to achieve a clean break at a pull weight of just 3.5 pounds.

The Covert™ CX-3SL+ measures a mere 34.24" long by 13.5" wide fully cocked. This compact design keeps the weight of the crossbow closer to your body for better balance and amazing responsiveness. The adjustable recoil pad, 9" Picatinny Forearm Rail system, and 5-position foregrip let you fine-tune the fit for perfect feel.

Ready-to-Hunt Kit

The Covert™ CX-3SL+ is a calibrated, brand-matched shooting system. That means all the parts and accessories are designed to work together to improve your accuracy and performance. And equally important, they’re all included, so you’re ready to shoot right out of the box. The Ready-to-Hunt Kit includes 3 Carbon Express Mayhem® Premium Carbon Bolts, 4x32 deluxe lighted scope, quick-detach 3-arrow quiver, rope cocker, 3 practice points, and rail lubricant. 

Technical Specifications

Model # 20254 Feet Per Second 355 fps Kinetic Energy 119 ft/lb
Draw Weight 175 lbs Power Stroke 13.5"
Weight 7 lbs Length 34.25"
Width 13.5" (cocked)
17" (uncocked)
Length of Pull 14"


  1. Better Balance Lightweight Bull-Pup stock positions the trigger mechanism four inches forward to deliver a 14" length of pull and a more comfortable balance point.
  2. Efficient Engineering Only 34.25" long and 13.5" wide when cocked. Shoots 355 fps with 119 ft/lb kinetic energy. CNC-machined aluminum riser makes for a narrow limb profile to minimize width without sacrificing performance. Compression-molded dynamic limbs generate exceptional speed for greater accuracy.
  3. Lightweight Weighing only seven pounds, the Covert™ CX-3SL+ has just the right amount of weight to shoulder and aim steady. It features a new extruded-aluminum barrel designed with power channels to create a strong yet ultra lightweight barrel to handle the recoil and provide exceptional accuracy.
  4. Easy & Safe One-piece aluminum step-on stirrup keeps your foot behind the barrel while downward cocking. “Speed Slot” rope cocker channel helps keep the string along the barrel until secure in the trigger when cocking (rope cocker included). Integrated cocking winch port reduces effort by 90% (winch sold separately). Ergonomic precision-molded grip is designed to use with or without gloves and to optimize hand position in relation to the trigger.
  5. Smooth Firing New gun caliber machined, no-creep trigger, housed in a CNC-machined trigger box with precision internal components, achieves a clean break at a pull weight of just 3.5 pounds. The anti-dry-fire safety mechanism is ambidextrous and features “Quiet Slide” activation. Weatherproof synthetic stock is coated in SilenTech®, an exclusive Carbon Express® vibration-and-sound-dampening rubber-like exterior finish.
  6. Adjustable Picatinny Rail The Covert™ CX-3SL+ features a 9" Picatinny Forearm Rail system to mount accessories such as lights, lasers, bipods, etc. It comes with an adjustable, 5-position folding foregrip to match your shooting style.
  7. Maximum Speed Precision-engineered aluminum alloy cam set delivers maximum speed for flatter bolt trajectory – all in a crossbow that is only 13.5" axle to axle when cocked. Tunable synthetic strings and cables deliver extended performance and greater accuracy.
  8. Improved Accuracy Deluxe 4x32 lighted multi-reticle scope with large field of view makes it easy to spot targets. Multiple lines in reticle allow for greater accuracy while shooting from different distances and light conditions.




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