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Humminbird 899ci HD SI Combo

Humminbird 899ci HD SI Combo

$849.49 $999.99

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899ci HD SI Combo

800 Series

Internal GPS Combo - Side Imaging®

The Humminbird 899ci HD SI Combo features a brilliant color, ultra-high resolution 480V x 800H super bright high-definition 7" LED back-lit display w/ side-imaging and down-imaging and dualbeam PLUS sonar w/ 8000 Watts PTP power output, Internal GPS reciever w/ GPS speed, dual SD card slots and advanced fishing system capabilities. In addition, it includes selective fish ID+ and ethernet networking w/ upgradable software. Maximize your angling experience w/ the Humminbird 899ci HD SI Combo fishfinder GPS system.

899ci HD SI Combo Features:

  • Color GPS Chartplotting & Fishing System
  • 7" Super Bright High-Definition TFT Display
  • 50 Channel Internal GPS Receiver
  • Pre-Loaded ContourXD Maps
    • Depth Contour Lines
      - Find All Drops, Bumps and Channels Holding Fish
    • Data On 3,000+ U.S. Lake Maps
    • Coastal Coverage in Many Major Ports
    • Includes U.S. Lights/Markers, Major Roads and Interstates
  • Transducer Included
    - Model: XNT-9-SI-180-T
    - Mounting Type: Transom
    - Temperature: Included
  • SwitchFire Sonar
    • MAX MODE: Watch as the sonar returns explode from the screen in amazing detail. You'll see the tiniest subsurface objecteven thermoclines and water currents - for complete underwater coverage.
    • CLEAR MODE: Time Variable Gain (TVG) software sifts through sonar returns to display only fish and structure. Great for fishing in shallow and rough water, or reducing undesired clutter in the water column.
    • THREE NEW COLOR PALETTES: New color pallettes provide even more flexibility on the water to deal with overcast or full-sun conditions.
  • HD Side Imaging Sonar
    • Mark the GPS location of promising structure directly onscreen
    • High frequency sonar (not a camera) cuts through murk with crystal clarity
    • Up to 480 feet of coverage from side to side, scans huge areas fast
    • Units with Side Imaging also include traditional down-looking “2D” sonar
  • HD Down Imaging Sonar
    • Picture-like images of Down Imaging are created with high-frequency sound waves emitted in razor thin slices.
    • Sonar returns from these waves create an instant "snapshot" below the boat.
    • Narrow Mode analyzes the returns to verify the position of the echoes to ensure Down Imaging only shows you structure and activity beneath you, and not off to one side or another.
    • DOWN IMAGING / 2D SONAR - This view provides complete understanding of what, exactly, is going on below your boat. Quickly identify structure with Down Imaging, while using 2D to locate and target fish. Together, they take the guesswork out of sonar fishfinding.
    • DOWN IMAGING / SIDE IMAGING SONAR - Get a complete 180° view. Down Imaging provides picture-like views directly below the boat, while Side Imaging shows structure out to 240 feet on either side of your boat. It's two detailed images unlike anything you've ever seen.
    • DOWN IMAGING / SIDE IMAGING SONAR / 2D SONAR - Don't miss a thing with these three Humminbird technologies working together. Use traditional 2D and Down Imaging together for a straight down view, while Side Imaging reaches out to both sides.
  • DualBeam PLUS™
    • Precision, 20° beam is optimized for excellent bottom detail, and reveals fish hidden in bottom clutter
    • Wider, 60° beam provides greater coverage for fish and bait fish
    • View beams separately, side by side, or blended together for the most complete picture
    • Find fish and structure in an area equal to your depth
  • Selectable Broad 20°, 60° & Precision 180° Beams
  • Sonar Frequencies of 200/83/455/800 kHz
  • Depth Capability:
    - Side Imaging 150ft
    - DualBeam PLUS 1500ft
  • Dual SD Card Slots
  • 3D Chart View
  • Selective Fish ID+
  • TrueArch Technology
  • X-Press™ Menu System
  • 2.5" Target Separation
  • 8,000W (PTP), 1,000W (RMS)
  • Internal GPS Receiver 10Hz
  • GPS Speed Included
  • Ethernet Networking
  • Expandable & Upgradeable
  • Fully Waterproof


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