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Humminbird AD 1429 ONIX Transducer Adapter Cable Converter-9P to 14P


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AD 1429 ONIX Transducer Adapter Cable Converter - 9P to 14P

This adapter converts a Humminbird #9 connector transducer to a #14 sonar connector on your ONIX unit.

This adapter can be used when moving from a standard 200/83 kHz transducer like the XNT 9 20, XNT 9 20 T, XTM 9 20, XTH 9 20 or XP 9 20 to work with an ONIX Dual Beam unit.

It can also be used if you have one of the above listed transducers that is used in conjunction with a Side Imaging transducer on an ONIX Side Imaging unit.

If you use this adapter with the XHS 9 HDSI 180 T, you will lose Down Imaging sonar.

This adapter does not support any Down Imaging functions.

  • ONIX 2D models would support only 2D sonar
  • ONIX SI models would support only 2D/SI sonar

Note: This adapter cable should not be used with the Minn Kota US2 transducer adapter for Type 9 2D MKR US8. The proper Minn Kota US2 cable for ONIX is the MKR US2 13. This only supports 2D sonar.

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