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Humminbird AS-SILR-Y - Splitter Cable

Humminbird AS-SILR-Y - Splitter Cable

$37.49 $39.99

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Y-Cable - Seperates Side Imaging into Left and Right Beams - for Side Imaging products only. Allows the use of two side imaging transducers with one unit without the need for a transducer switch. Used in applications where a plastic thru hull transducer is required on a boat with a deep V hull. Can also be used if the motor or other tems on the exterior of the boat may block one side of the transducer and distort readings.

For Use with

  • 598ci HD SI
  • 797c2 SI
  • 797c2I SI
  • 798C SI
  • 798ci SI
  • 798ci HD SI
  • 898c SI
  • 898c HD SI
  • 981C SI
  • 987C SI
  • 997c SI
  • 998c SI
  • 998c HD SI
  • 1197c SI
  • 1198c SI


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