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Humminbird Contour Elite - Dakotas Nebraska 600014-2

Humminbird Contour Elite - Dakotas Nebraska 600014-2

$120.49 $164.49

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​Contour Elite - Dakotas/Nebraska PC Software

LakeMaster Contour Elite is a PC compatible software that allows you to pre-fish your lake while in the comfort of your own home or office. It is a great companion tool to the digital GPS map. You can create, import, or export waypoint information to compatible GPS units, backup your critical waypoint information, keep detailed fishing logs, view your lake in 3D, print your custom maps, and let Contour Elite search out specific fishing locations for you.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
*You can run the software on a Mac but you must have a Windows emulator.

Minimum PC Requirements:
1 Ghz Pentium 4 or Athlon CPU (2 Ghz recommended)
512 MB Ram (1024 MB Ram recommended)
10 GB Free hard drive
Windows XP or greater

Contour Elite is a COMPUTER PRODUCT only, CD's are not compatible with GPS units.
Owners will only be able to view the maps using a compatible computer.
Only our DIGITAL SD MAP CARDS are compatible with Humminbird® fish finders.

Lake Search Area
Fish search- search the lake for locations based on species, time of year, time of day, and
other conditions.
Custom search- search the lake by entering a variety of custom criteria such as depth range,
type of structure, and slope.
Info tool- allows you to click on any part of the lake to populate the Information Area with
key information about that location.
Find similar areas tool- identifies all areas of the lake with similar characteristics as the
information displayed in the Information Area.

File- includes selections for switching lakes, printing, and exiting the program.
Display- allows user to turn on/off certain elements displayed on the map.
Settings- allows user to change coordinate display units, the units of distance for the
measure tool, and the +/- depth range value used by the find similar areas tool.
Tools- includes selections for measuring distances, backing up and restoring the fishing log
for that particular lake, and transferring the program license to another computer.
Search- includes selections for fish search and custom search.
GPS- includes selections for real-time tracking, importing/exporting targets, and importing
fishing log waypoints.
Help- includes selections for accessing the help files, a link to our support web page, and a
link to our updates web page.
Map Navigation
Drag tool- allows user to click on the map and drag it in any direction.
Zoom to full lake view- zooms map so the entire lake can be viewed.
Zoom in/out- zooms map in or out with each click.
Zoom to area- clicking or dragging a rectangle on the map zooms into that specific area.
Zoom to coordinate- zooms into a specific coordinate (degrees, decimal minutes).

Target tool- opens the large tool panel for additional selections.
Fishing log- opens the fishing log panel for additional selections.
Real-time tracking- opens the real-time tracking panel for additional selections.
Measure tool- allows user to measure distances on the map.
Print- allows user to print map along with map comments, the fishing log table, and the
target tool table.
3D- allows user to click on any area of the lake to open the 3D viewer for that area.


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