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Humminbird Contour Elite - Southeast States 600024-2

Humminbird Contour Elite - Southeast States 600024-2

$124.49 $164.49

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The Contour Elite SouthEast States Edition, Version 2 fishing computer software is designed to put you on fish. The SouthEast States Edition includes coverage in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. State-of-the-art mapping technology paired with the most accurate lake data available, you can stop wandering around the lake.

Imagine finding a hot spot and in seconds your computer identifies all other areas of the lake with similar characteristics. Just enter a species, time of year, and time of day and your computer searches the entire lake and gives you exact fishing coordinates. Navigate to these areas using your GPS or even a laptop computer right on the water.

Three key enhancements have been added to the new version.
-Lake level adjustment: Contour depths and search results are adjusted based on water level.
-Add waypoints in 3D view: Now you can add waypoints while viewing the lake in the 3D viewer.
-Improvements in the find similar areas feature to provide more precise results.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
*You can run the software on a Mac but you must have a Windows emulator.

Minimum PC Requirements:
1 Ghz Pentium 4 or Athlon CPU (2 Ghz recommended)
512 MB Ram (1024 MB Ram recommended)
10 GB Free hard drive
Windows XP or greater

Contour Elite is a COMPUTER PRODUCT only, CD's are not compatible with GPS units.
Owners will only be able to view the maps using a compatible computer.
Only our DIGITAL SD MAP CARDS are compatible with Humminbird® fish finders.

Lake Search Area
Fish search- search the lake for locations based on species, time of year, time of day, and
other conditions.
Custom search- search the lake by entering a variety of custom criteria such as depth range,
type of structure, and slope.
Info tool- allows you to click on any part of the lake to populate the Information Area with
key information about that location.
Find similar areas tool- identifies all areas of the lake with similar characteristics as the
information displayed in the Information Area.

File- includes selections for switching lakes, printing, and exiting the program.
Display- allows user to turn on/off certain elements displayed on the map.
Settings- allows user to change coordinate display units, the units of distance for the
measure tool, and the +/- depth range value used by the find similar areas tool.
Tools- includes selections for measuring distances, backing up and restoring the fishing log
for that particular lake, and transferring the program license to another computer.
Search- includes selections for fish search and custom search.
GPS- includes selections for real-time tracking, importing/exporting targets, and importing
fishing log waypoints.
Help- includes selections for accessing the help files, a link to our support web page, and a
link to our updates web page.
Map Navigation
Drag tool- allows user to click on the map and drag it in any direction.
Zoom to full lake view- zooms map so the entire lake can be viewed.
Zoom in/out- zooms map in or out with each click.
Zoom to area- clicking or dragging a rectangle on the map zooms into that specific area.
Zoom to coordinate- zooms into a specific coordinate (degrees, decimal minutes).

Target tool- opens the large tool panel for additional selections.
Fishing log- opens the fishing log panel for additional selections.
Real-time tracking- opens the real-time tracking panel for additional selections.
Measure tool- allows user to measure distances on the map.
Print- allows user to print map along with map comments, the fishing log table, and the
target tool table.
3D- allows user to click on any area of the lake to open the 3D viewer for that area.


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