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LaserLyte Sight Lyte Ryder Center Mass

LaserLyte Sight Lyte Ryder Center Mass

$104.49 $155.95

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LaserLyte unveils the world's first rail-mounted laser sight with a built-in pressure activation switch to get shooters on target with a simple touch. Just grip it and rip it!

The Lyte Ryder Center Mass Laser Sight enables shooters to just grip it and rip it—no more fumbling around with controls or buttons. A light squeeze anywhere on the 2.3-inch pressure pad projects a 9-laser Center Mass spread pattern onto the target. Its ledge-shaped design also serves as a grip stop to keep your hands in the right spot every time. Combined with effortless activation, the Center Mass laser pattern enables both eyes open shooting for improved situational awareness with its 1-inch per yard growth pattern.

Featuring two modes of activation, the Lyte Ryder Center Mass operates in momentary-on mode with a single squeeze of the pressure switch, or in constant-on mode by squeezing twice. No matter if you’re left or right handed, operating the sight is ambidextrous and ergonomic. Easily install the Lyte Ryder Center Mass on any Picatinny rail with a length of 4-inches or longer. Simply slide the Lyte Ryder onto your rail and tighten it down with a single screw.

Lyte Ryder Center Mass is changing the game of long gun lasers, allowing shooters to improve their target acquisition and shot placement with a simple squeeze of the pressure switch; and the trigger!
-Product Number: CM-GAR
-Compatible Firearms: Rifles and shotguns with a Picatinny rail 4-inches or longer
-Activation: Integrated Pressure Switch – Momentary-on, Constant-on
-Laser Output: 535 nm, 9-laser spread pattern
-Batteries: 3 x 357 silver oxide batteries

-Battery Life: *Actual usage 2.5 hours (constant-on); 5 hours (momentary-on)
-Material : 6061 T6 aluminum/glass filled nylon
-Weight: 1.76 ounces (with batteries installed)
-Length: 3.85 in
-Width: 1.13 in
-Height: .95 in




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