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LaserLyte Trainer Pistol Full-Size

LaserLyte Trainer Pistol Full-Size

$51.49 $88.95

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LaserLyte, innovators in firearms laser technologies, introduce their first plastic training handgun for safe, realistic training anywhere; the Trigger Tyme Pistol LT-TT. Used in conjunction with the LaserLyte LT-PRO and LT-PRE (Not Included), the Trigger Tyme Pistol is perfect for all ages and experience levels. Approximately the size of a GLOCK 23, the Trigger Tyme Pistol is weighted and balanced to give the realistic “feel” of most semi-auto pistols. The approximate simulated 5.5 lb. trigger pull has a take up and break action like the real thing but the Trigger Tyme Pistol cannot accept or be fired with any ammunition.

Simply insert the LaserLyte LT-PRO or LT-PRE in the muzzle and the sound activated switch will indicate the impact of the laser dot on any of the LaserLyte Trainer Targets; the TLB-1 or the new Reaction Tyme Target TLB-RT. The Trigger Tyme Pistol with the LT-PRO or LT-PRE (Not Included) can be used to practice drawing and reholstering from traditional or concealed carry holsters and allows the user to practice and gain confidence in sight pictures, trigger control, accuracy and more.

The LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Pistol LT-TT lets users train anywhere, anytime, perfecting their shooting skills without having to leave the comfort of one’s own home or spending countless dollars on training ammunition.

-Product Number: LT-TT
-For use with the LaserLyte LT-PRO, LT-PRE and LaserLyte Trainer targets; TLB-1 and TLB-RT
-Materials: made from glass filled nylon
-Weight: 13.25 ounces / 376 gr.




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