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LaserLyte Trainer Pre Kit Compact


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LaserLyte has combined their most popular laser training tools to create a one-stop system of entry level laser training with everything necessary in one package.

The Trigger Tyme Compact Pre Kit includes the LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Pistol and the LT-PRE universal pistol laser trainer.

The Trigger Tyme Pistol is approximately the size of a S&W Shield and the Springfield Armory XD-S. The 5.5 lb. approximate simulated trigger pull has a take-up and break action just like a real firearm, but the LaserLyte Trigger Tyme pistols cannot accept or fire real ammunition.

The LaserLyte LT-PRE works with a sound activated switch that indicates where the bullet impacts with a red laser dot.

The LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Pre Kit is the perfect training kit for classrooms, new shooters and individuals interested in honing their presentation, holstering and trigger skills.

-Product Number: LT-TTC
-For use with the LaserLyte LT-PRE and LaserLyte Trainer targets
-Materials: made from glass filled nylon
-Weight: 10.4 ounces / 295 gr.

-Product Number: LT-PRE
-Length: 2.1 inches
-Minimum diameter: .1 inch
-Maximum Diameter: .5 inch
-Run Time: 3,000 shots
-Batteries: 3 x 377

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