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Lowrance Gimbal Knobs

Lowrance Gimbal Knobs

$31.58 $31.58

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Lowrance GK-9 Gimbal knobs Set of 2

Compatible with the following units: Cuda 168 EX FishEasy 250 DS FishElite 320 FishElite 480 FishElite 500C FishElite 502C iGPS FishElite 640C FishElite 642C iGPS FishMark 160 FishMark 240 FishMark 320 FishMark 480 FishMark 500C FishMark 640C FishStrike 1000C FishStrike 2000C GlobalMap 2400 GlobalMap 3000 GlobalMap 3300C GlobalMap 3500C GlobalMap 3600C iGPS GlobalMap 4000M GlobalMap 4800 GlobalMap 4900M GlobalMap 5000C GlobalMap 5500C GlobalMap 6000C GlobalMap 6500C GlobalMap 6600C HD GlobalMap 7000C GlobalMap 7500C GlobalMap 7600C HD GlobalMap Baja GlobalMap Baja C IntelliMap 320 IntelliMap 480 IntelliMap 500C IntelliMap 502C iGPS IntelliMap 642C iGPS LCX-104C LCX-104C LCX-110C LCX-111C HD LCX-15CI LCX-15CT LCX-15MT LCX-16CI LCX-17M LCX-18C LCX-19C LCX-20C LCX-25C LCX-26C HD LMS-240 LMS-320 LMS-330C LMS-332C LMS-334C iGPS LMS-335C DF LMS-337C DF LMS-339C DF iGPS LMS-480 SeaChamp 1000C DF SeaChamp 2000C DF SeaCharter 320DF SeaCharter 480DF SeaCharter 500C DF SeaCharter 502C DF iGPS SeaCharter 640C DF SeaCharter 642C DF iGPS SeaFinder 320DF SeaFinder 480DF SeaFinder 500C DF SeaFinder 640C DF X100C X102C X105C DF X107C DF X125 X126DF X135 X136DF X47EX X71 X-86 DS X87 X88DF X91 X96 X97 X98DF


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