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Nikon Lens Pen Pro Kit, Cleaning Equipment for Optics

Nikon Lens Pen Pro Kit, Cleaning Equipment for Optics

$32.49 $49.00

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Product Description

The Nikon LensPen Pro Kit includes all you need to keep your optics in peak condition. There are two main LensPens – the typical size pen for cleaning larger lens areas additionally the Micro pen for compacts LCD displays and rangefinders. The Dry Anti-Fog Cloth is a reusable cloth that makes use of a breakthrough dry element that stops condensation from forming on lens surfaces. You're getting over 200 applications out of this cloth! The Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is anti-static for cleansing the housings of optics gear and much more.The 6×6-inch soft microfiber cloth will remove smudges as well as other area grime from your own delicate optics. The real innovation however could be the connected water-resistant neoprene pouch that keeps the fabric dry and protected from dust dirt along with other contaminants that could otherwise induce scratches. And for added convenience the pouch features an easy clip that makes transportation a snap.Use this Nikon Lens Cleaner to help keep your lenses eyeglasses binoculars alongside photographic glass neat and fresh. It is effective and safe and perfect for digital camera lenses binoculars snow goggles spectacles and much more!


KIT INCLUDES 4 SERVICES AND PRODUCTS — All AMAZING Things with Manufacturer-supplied add-ons + Full USA Warranties:
Nikon LensPen Pro Kit Cleaning System (2 Pens, 2 Cloths, Case) +
PD Deluxe Hurricane Blower +
Nikon Microfiber Spudz +
ROR Optical Lens Cleaner


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