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Parker Red Hot 25.37 In Replacement Crossbow Cables

Parker Red Hot 25.37 In Replacement Crossbow Cables

$32.99 $49.00

Parker Bows
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arker RED HOT Replacement Crossbow Cables #38-4508
#38-4508 Crossbow Cables 25 3/8" fits these Parker Crossbows:
  • StingRay
  • Enforcer
  • BushWacker
  • Stinger
  • Panther
  • Buck-Buster
  • Spartan
RED HOT crossbow strings are expertly designed specifically for today's high velocity crossbows shooting arrows over 300 fps. RED HOT's C3 serving extends the life of the string up to three times over the standard materials, it won't slip, and dramatically reduces friction and wear. Using only premium materials, every RED HOT crossbow string is precision inspected and are guaranteed to perform.
  • Engineered for High Performance Crossbows
  • Features RED HOT C3 serving material (Longer Life)
  • Available for all Parker Crossbows and most popular models of other brands.
  • 100% Precision inspected

Fits: Buck-Buster, Fire-Ball, Spartan, Stinger, Enforcer BushWacker (25.38 Inches Long)

•String: expertly designed specifically for high-velocity crossbows shooting arrows 300+ fps   •C3 serving extends life up to 3x over standard materials, won’t slip dramatically reduces friction & wear


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