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PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable Fence Extra Collar System

$123.99 $139.95

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Small & Lightweight: The PetSafe YardMax collar weighs only 3 oz. and is the second smallest collar available (the smallest being the PetSafe Elite Little Dog). The collar is Suitable for dogs 10 lbs. and up with neck sizes of 6 - 23".

Five Progessive Correction Levels: The YardMax offers 5 progressive correction level, meaning that the correction strength automatically increases if your dog continues into the boundary zone. The correction levels are adjusted on each collar individually, so each dog has their own correction level settings. The correction strength on the YardMax collar ranges from medium to high - not as strong as the stubborn dog but not as low as the Elite Little Dog.

Individual Correction: We finally have a PetSafe system featuring individualized correction level settings for each collar on the system. Additionally, this collar is compatible with the PetSafe UltraSmart systems, which do not have individualized correction. So you can safely add a new dog to your family without having to change out your whole fence system. 

Rechargeable: The collar uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The collar is charged via a plug-in cord. The collar charges in about 2 hours and the charge lasts about a month. 

Fit Test & Ready Test: PetSafe has brought the Fit Test and Ready Test self-diagnostic features from the UltraSmart system over to YardMax. Considering that poorly fitted collar is the second most common reason for breakouts, we think this is a really handy tool. The Fit Test features confirms that the collar is properly fitted and making contact with your dog's skin. 

Short & Long Contact Points & Tool: The system comes with both short and long contact points as well as a contact point tool. The small wrench makes switching contact points easier. Long contact points are particularly useful for dogs with thick or long fur. 

Zones Compatibility: The PetSafe YardMax collar is compatible with PetSafe's Pawz Away Indoor and Outdoor Pet Barrier Zones. These handy wireless pods make it posisble to create small pet-free zones within your containment area or in your home.

  • For dogs 10 + lbs., neck size 6 - 23"
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • 5 Correction Levels
  • Independent Correction For Each Collar
  • Compatible With Indoor & Outdoor Zones Barriers


Compatible With:

  • PIG00-1115 YardMax™ Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™
  • PWF00-13665 Pawz Away® Mini Pet Barrier
  • PWF00-14040 Pawz Away® Mini Pet Barrier
  • PWF00-11923 Pawz Away® Outdoor Barrier
  • ZND-1200 Pawz Away® Indoor Pet Barrier
  • ZND-1000 Pawz Away® Extra Indoor Pet Barrier


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