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SA Sports Youth Moose 35lb Compound Bow Set

SA Sports

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Moose 35LB Draw Weight Intermediate Compound Bow Package is an excellent transition bow setup that will take your youngster out of the “Toy Kids Bow” category and prepare him or her for the thrill of entering into the “Big Bow” realm with real string that accepts peep sights.


  • 20” Draw Length Compound Bow 
  • Aluminum Riser 
  • Cable Guide Rod / Slide
  • Drilled / Tapped for Accessories
  • Dipped Camo Finish
  • Real String that Accepts Peep Sights

Package Includes*

  • Adjustable Brass Sight Pin 
  • Sight Bracket
  • 2 Target Arrows
  • Full Size Quick Detach Quiver 


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