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Torch Filter Lens Kit

Torch Filter Lens Kit

$18.99 $125.75

53244-999-1 SZ
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The 5.11® Torch Filter Lens Kit allows users to adapt most 5.11 Tactical® flashlights to red, green or blue output. Highly useful in a broad range of applications, the Torch Filter Kit includes red, green, and blue lens covers that are compatible with the following 5.11 Flashlight models: ATAC and TMT™ A1, A2, L1, L2 and XBT A2. These high performance lens filters can be installed permanently or swapped out as needed. Includes a carrier to store unused filters. High performance colored lens filter set Install permanently or swap out as needed Includes a ruggedized carrier for unused filters Fits 5.11 ATAC and TMT A1, A2, L1, L2 and XBT A2 Flashlights Includes a blue, red, and green lens filter


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