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Whistler PRO-78SE Radar Detector

Whistler PRO-78SE Radar Detector

$63.49 $103.49

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The Whistler Pro 78 SE offers the same high performance of previous Whistler radar detectors and adds Ka MAX MODE for improved range and detection. The Pro 78 SE contains Whistler's new, re-engineered antenna that offers considerably improved Ka sensitivity and false alert filtering over previous Whistler models. The Pro78 SE also provides a unique "Signature ID" feature for Ka band radar (RSID) and laser. This feature provides more detailed information about the alert you are receiving, and for laser allows you to lock out false alerts based on the pulse rate!

The Pro 78 SE also offers all of the features you would expect in a high performance detector. It will detect POP mode radar and provides Whistler's Real Voice™ alerts. The Pro78 SE provides an intense blue text display with and auto-dim feature, which makes the Pro 78 SE easy to read both day and night. Designed with the professional driver in mind, the Pro 78 SE includes a hardwire kit, non-skid dash pad, and three year warranty.

The Whistler Pro 78 SE also delivers several features that are new to Whistler. These are: "periscope" blue alert LEDs on the top of the unit, and true VG-2 immunity. Other Whistler detectors employ "VG-2 cloaking", in which the detector shuts itself down when it detects the VG-2.

The Whistler Pro-78SE Laser Radar Detector offers exclusive high performance and is a great addition to the Radar-Laser Detector Pro Series. Offering a bundle of great features like Ka Max Mode, Total Band Protection, Real Voice Alert, Radar Signature ID (RSID), Laser Signature ID (LSID), Laser Atlanta Stealth Mode Detection, POP Mode Detection, INTELLICORD Ready and much more. 360-degree MAXX coverage detects threats from the front, sides and rear of your vehicle. With the easy-to-read blue text display, the Pro-78SE is the total package. Laser radar detectors are legal for passenger vehicles in every state except Virginia and Washington, D.C. Radar receivers are prohibited in commercial vehicles over 10,000 pounds.

Whistler PRO-78 SE Exclusive High-Performance Pro Series Radar/Laser Detector with Blue Text Display:

  • Ka Max Mode
  • Total band protection
  • Real Voice Alert
  • Radar Signature ID (RSID)
  • Laser Signature ID (LSID)
  • Laser Atlanta Stealth Mode Detection
  • POP Mode Detection
  • 360-degree MAXX coverage
  • Easy-to-read blue text display

The Whistler Pro 78SE is compatible with Whistler's optional Intelli-Cord Power Cable. The Intelli-Cord provides a programmable button on the base of the power cord to which you can assign your choice of two features. You can have the IntelliCord button control any two of the following: Power On/Off, City Modes, Dim/Dark, and Quiet/Auto Quiet. A short button press activates the first feature, a long press activates the second!

Features :-

Include :- 

  • Windshield Bracket
  • Dash Pad
  • Straight Power Cord
  • Hard Wire Kit
  • Owners Manual



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